2 Day Las Vegas Workshop with Michael Anthony - ARIA Hotel

Business, Lighting/Posing, Editing - June 11th-12th, 2019 $1499 $1250 Early Bird

Reserve Your Space - $500


Please Note: Workshop cost is $1499...... $500 is required to reserve your seat, balance will be due 14 days prior to workshop.  

We run an active business, we are going to teach you practical application that works in today's market.....It's not fun being a starving artist, and if you think art>business, then this isn't the workshop for you. Everything that we go over with you will be from that position of giving your clients an amazing experience, building a solid foundation for your studio to sell wall art, and creating a sustainable, long lasting business rather than a job.

Join us in LA at our studio for a 2 day intensive workshop with Michael Anthony. Our workshops are intended to change the way you shoot, think, edit, and sell.  

Day 1  

Lighting, Composition, Storytelling, & Posing  

In this intensive workshop, we will be covering our foundations for lighting our subjects both creatively, and for standard portraits. We will walk you through the entire wedding day from start to finish, how we go about lighting details, tough ceremonies, and our entire reception lighting system. We will show you how to use multi light setups during creatives in order to get the best possible results from your shoots and the most out of your post production. I am going to show you lights for all different budgets as well.  

We are also going to go over our system for posing, how to take the foundations and create poses from scratch out of them to fit any different combinations of body types. We will go over motion posing to get any couple comfortable.  

Storytelling is an essential part of being a photographer. Taking pretty photos of pretty people in front of pretty buildings or landscapes IS NOT ENOUGH to convince your clients to buy from you. Your weddings need to capture and convey emotion, and tell the story of your client, while positioning them as the protagonist in order to create the emotional connection needed for sales. 

Live Shoot  

This is VEGAS, and we are going out to the desert where we can shoot models behind an incredible landscape with amazing wedding attire (weather permitting) The goal is to help you understand the mindset behind a creative couple's shoot as well as the skillset required to execute it. We also want to get you some pretty badass portfolio images 

Day 2  


Our wedding business went from 7 weddings in 2012 to 130 in 2018. If you are just looking to learn the art of photography, you can go to Youtube, but the fact is most workshop instructors these days don't run active photography businesses....we do and we want you to learn how to as well. 7 light setups don't work on a wedding day, it's not practical, instead, I want to teach you how to get to your shot quickly and efficiently.  

More importantly, our revenue went from 12k in 2012 to over $1,000,000 in 2018. You can make a very good living doing this, and I intend to show you how by changing your mindset about your job. The problem is that most photographers have issues marketing. My job is to change your mindset about your brand, teach you how to book clients on the spot and work to bring in a steady flow of new clients through your door.  

We will cover topics such as Facebook and Google marketing in 2019. Building local vendor relationships, and building a foundation now for SEO. This workshop is an investment and will earn you your money back in no time.  

Make no mistake, this is a business first workshop, and while many of our attendees come to be better photographers, they all leave as better photographer entrepreneurs. My goal is to overload your mind with information that you can put into practice as it is relevant in today's current market.  

Post Production  

We are going to break down our editing process for you using our step by step guide for creating our signature look in post-production.  

We will show you how we create our looks from a RAW file using Lightroom and Photoshop. We will also walk you through workflow best practices whether you are outsourcing or editing yourself. Finally, I will show you how to create emotional album designs to help you sell more spreads and create better stories for your clients. 


How long are the days?

As we are adding new material to this workshop we are looking at 9-10 hours minimum each day, however we will go until we cover all of the necessary information.

Will this workshop be recorded?  

No, this will not be recorded or live streamed, you gotta be there in person.  

Can I record the workshop if I attend to refer back to it?  

You are able to record any of the teachings aside from the post production courses, which we do not allow recording of.  

Will there be hotels we can stay at?  

It's Vegas, cheap rooms are the thing, we are looking at hosting at a major hotel.

How many people will attend the workshops  

We limit the amount of people to under 15 to give our photographers the most attention possible.  

Can I use images created from the live shoot in my portfolio?  

Yes, you are able to use these in your portfolio.